Stefan is born in Austria. He started to focus on realizing his full potential in 2005. Since then he has constantly determined his life to the continuing process of evolvement in a holistic way: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


He has recognized that only by becoming the best he can be, will he be able to be a blessing onto the whole existence on earth.


The fields of consciousness, potential of human beings, medicine and sustainable living in community are especially in his heart. Out of his studies about life and the roots of our collective illness, as well as through his personal community-living experiences, he saw the importance of creating self-sufficient communities and networks worldwide. Therefore he has created the documentary "A New We", which shall increase the awareness about the beauty and variety of natural and sustainable living in community.


In 2009 he has co- founded L.O.V.E. Productions which aims for the establishment of a whole new peace culture on earth.


His motto: "Follow your heart and your fortune will be certain!"


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