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"A New We could not have come at a better time. It can benefit both current communitarians/ecovillagers and those who don’t yet even know that eco-communities exist. It opens our eyes to the amazing diversity of approaches to eco-community that are possible—and even more important, to the fact that those dreams are being put into practice by real people, in real life, at various places all over the globe."

-Chris Roth, Spring 2011 issue of Communities magazine - Issue #150

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"This film shows in an impressive and a touching way, that countless communities all around the world are already living „A New We“! Communities are trendsetters. This way of living is brought close to you vividly through this documentary. This film shows in an impressive and a touching way, that countless communities all around the world are already living „A New We“. Truly a strong message for a joyful, sutainable and healthy life on our planet – for the benefit of all beings!

- Matthias Gerber, SPUREN: Swiss magazine, Nr. 96 in summer 2010



"Every once in a while, a film comes along that can transform the way we live. “A New We” by the Austrian filmmaker Stefan is such a film. Documenting the living examples of intentional communities in Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and other European countries, the film weaves together the inspiring stories of individuals who have created communities that offer glimpses into more healthy and aware ways of being.


By highlighting both the challenges and successes of this wide variety of communities, “A New We” shows that when people work together cooperatively, beautiful and uplifting results can emerge. This film provides an important view into a more enlightened future that we can each begin to create today.”"

- Will M. Tuttle, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet


"Truly inspiring.
An excellent glimpse inside the realities of working communities - a tribute to the few who are living towards a better planet and a better life for us all. It made me want to visit all the places featured!

I hope this inspires more of us to do the same - it's all achievable and the improvements to everybody's lives including the children is clear to see from these examples. Why would we want to live any other way? It makes the consuming society, obsessed with growth, appear even more ridiculous, selfish and destructive.
I'm on my way to a new we!"
- Piers Warren, Author and Film-maker


"A New We" presents an in-depth overview of several communities which exercise values and lifestyles harmonious with nature. As governments the world over, announce their intention to create low-carbon communities, “A New We” is an important resource which explores the positive aspects of its subjects and the challenges which are revealed, resulting in a comprehensive overview.  “A New We” presents what is perhaps the most important topic in the world today as we consider the future of our communities, the planet as a whole, and of generations to come."

- Matthew Lien, international environmental singer-songwriter

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"The film exposes creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges. A New We is a testament to the nearly infinite capacity for human-, community- and self-development."

- Positive News, Issue 67, spring 2011



"Anyone wishing to live in a community should watch this film as it effectively represents very different models of living from spiritual to secular, self-sustaining to those financed through outside work and consensus driven to electively governed."

- Dave Hamilton, co-founder of Self-sufficientish.com


"The ecovillage movement is the surest easiest path to transforming society, healing the Earth, and making a more human world. This film is a fine introduction into the variety of ecovillages that can be found only in Europe.There is much fresh information about the better known communities of Damanhur, Tamera, and Sieben Linden, and interesting excursions to some smaller ones that will be new to most people.


The interviews are informative and the photography is stunning. I hope it gets a wide distribution. It makes me wish that Wolf will go on to give us other films about the many ecovillages on other continents."

- Manitonquat (Medicine Story), spiritual leader, teacher and storyteller


"This week I watched an amazing film that bought all these feelings to the surface again. By the end of it I was ready to pack my bags and find a new life. It’s rare to find such an uplifting and insightful film."

- Mrs. Green, Littlegreenblog.com



"The film is a great enrichment...

After a time of being overenthusiastic about an eco-community project, we found Stefan Wolf's fillm to be a great enrichment. The communities I'm familiar with are presented to fairly and accurately in this film that I assume all the others are as well.


The movie gives a good overview of what exists in Europe and conveys a good sense of this more free lifeform, with beautiful and touching scenes and pictures. Those two hours are worth every minute!"

- Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, German bestselling author, physician, psychotherapist



"With “A New We,” Stefan Wolf provides a timely and much-needed documentary. Exploring the unique accomplishments of about a dozen intentional communities in Europe, this film is both fascinating and educational, with illuminating stories and heart-touching beauty. A promise of hope and harmony that brightens our sometimes dark-appearing future, “A New We” provides encouraging evidence that we can create sustainable societies of peace, creativity, and joy. Beautifully executed and highly recommended!"

- Madeleine W. Tuttle, artist and educator



Words from people who have seen the film!


"An informative,balanced and well researched DVD that left me feeling inspired and hopeful of finding more holistic way for the human race to co exist.

Watched over two evenings, it opened my eyes to the range of eco communities that there are in Europe, and how diverse they all are in ethos and function, whilst all holding close that element of cooperative living.

Just the thing to watch if the festive consumer build up is getting too much and you feel in your gut there has to be a better way to live. Enjoy and be uplifted."



"Thank you so much for touching my heart in such a profound way and showing the beauty and simplicity of these eco villages. I do dream to one day be a part of such a community and you showed to me that it works and there are many people who live this sort of life in Europe. I feel one step closer to making my dream come true. Thank you for all the hard work!"



"Congratulations, I am impressed!...

Clear form, beautiful scenary and very interesting interviews. The effect of the whole film is vividly astounding. Also the community directory „Eurotopia“ is enhanced through this film. Together both documents give a wonderful impression of communities.


The settings for the interviews are especially convincing. My hearfelt congratulations on that piece of work."

-Gernot Steinweg, German documentary producer since 1969


"Hello New We Team!

Thanks so much for the DVD and in return I send you a huge compliment! The film is a full success- very informative. It communicates enjoyment and desire for community projects.


It will be a joy for me to recommend this film!"


Kind regards,

Susanne Ganns


"I have watched this film 2 times in a row together with friends, and found it even more inspiring the second time! Afterward we held deep and serious talking circles about community. We are glowing- THANKS!"

- Stefan Jay, musician


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