The ecovillages and communities presented in „A New We“

Sieben Linden

An ecovillage in Germany with 120 residents, a small ecological footprint, and creativity in design of its earth buildings.


>>to the website of Sieben Linden




Schloss Tonndorf

A german ecovillage with 60 residents and a variety of lifestyles, an example of an ecological paradise, especially for children.


>>to the website of Schloss Tonndorf



Krishna Valley

An ecovillage in Hungary with 150 residents, devoted to Krishna, with a very high level of self-sufficiency and a very small ecological footprint.


>>to the website of Krishna Valley






An Italian federation of eco-communities which altogether forms a network of about 1000 people. In Damanhur society's utopia is lived in daily reality.


>>to the website of Damanhur




Schloss Glarisegg

 A community on the Bodensee in Switzerland, a seminar center for conscious being and living.


>>to the website of Schloss Glarisegg






La Borie Noble

A community in France that lives according to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, living close to nature with strong spirituality and high self-sufficiency.


>>to the website of La Borie Noble





Valle de Sensaciones

 A Spanish eco-community that encourages life-restoring experiences in nature and emphasizes luxury, abundance and beauty.


>>to the website of Valle de Sensaciones






Formerly an abandoned mountain village in Spain, Matavenero was rebuilt through the Rainbow movement. Today it's an autonomous commune with 70 permanent residents.


>>to the website of Matavenero





Tamera, the first Healing Biotope, is an international education and research center for the development of Peace Villages world-wide. Two hundred people live, work and study there in the south of Portugal.

>>to the website of Temera




Finca Tierra

A tiny community in the Canary Islands that shows how beautiful, abundant and joyful a life close to nature can be.


>>to the website of Finca Tierra




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