How Can I Participate with 'A New We'?

Do you want to hold a screening of A NEW WE? Please get your public DVD here to show the film in public!


Would you like to resell the film? Please click here for more details.


Would you like to play the film in your cinema? Click here for more details.


Would you like to join or sponsor the Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network?  Click Here to Join


Dear Friends


Thank you for participating in this special film event! It has been an honor for us to produce this film and to bring the messages of these inspiring beautiful lifestyles out to the world.


We appreciate any support from you and having you as a partner in building 'A New We' globally.  Please feel free to participate in any way that you may feel inspired to.  


Here are a few things you can do to participate and support 'A New We':


1.  Join the Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network



2.  Host a Screening in your house, in the classroom, in the library etc. Invite all of your friends and family to join this spectacular movie event!


3.  Resell the film


4.  Subscribe to our mailing list


5.  Send a Review


6.  Print out the flyers

>>download flyers 


7.  Email your friends. Informing all of your friends about the film and ask them to put our link or our banner on their websites or blogs!




The world IS transitioning to become a more peaceful, healthy, and sustainable reality and we all deserve to live beautifully, be in harmony with ourselves, our families, our surroundings, and all living beings.


We're grateful that we have this opportunity to share with you and we look forward to creating more projects that will help new sustainable community models emerge and evolve as we go into the future.


Find your own way! Feel free to do anything to become a part of 'A New We'!  Let us all together be the change!



New We team



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